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The Drama Class Presents: 3 Tips to Save Money as a Canadian Actor

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Money can be a scary topic for most of us - so take a look at these 3 money-saving tips and take a breathe of relief!

As actors, we not only have to be passionate about our craft but also business-savvy because we're self-employed. Balancing our budgets, knowing what we actually spend, and understanding what resources are available to us can make a big difference in our finances.

Will this blog post fix ALL your money worries? Probably not.

Will these tips help give you a good place to start figuring it out? Absolutely!

Tip #1 - Know where your money is actually going.

We have to buy a lot of weird things for auditions alone... Period outfits, props, filming equipment and it adds up quick! A great way to start managing your money better is writing a list of yearly or monthly expenses. The things we forget about include membership subscriptions to Casting Workbook or IMDb Pro, haircuts, headshot prints, even clothes! If you know what expenses are coming up, you can be prepared for the payment!

I use YNAB (You Need a Budget) to help me track. They even have a free version!

Tip #2 - Learn how to file taxes as an actor (yes there are differences)

It's already confusing filing your taxes as a Canadian with a regular job! Understanding GST/HST, which receipts to keep and what accounting programs work for professional artists is a GAME CHANGER. Tax expert specialist and TDC Workshop Presenter Jennifer Long explains EVERYTHING you need to know when tax season rolls around!

Grab a copy of her book here at!

Tip #3 - Listen up union performers...

I just registered Union Savings... and I wish I found it sooner! Union Savings is a not-for-profit organization that works with 140 unions across Canada, including ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) As a union actor, you have access to tons of discounts for literally everything! From fashion and electronics, to your phone and internet bills!!!! It took me 10 seconds to register and you can save money right away!

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