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Our Story

The Beginning

Founded in January 2012, The Drama Class was established by film industry professional and acting instructor, Michele Partridge. Her vision was born out of a need for creative spaces where emerging performing artists could cultivate their craft. Located in White Rock, British Columbia, The Drama Class was a nurturing haven for actors to explore and develop their talents.


Adapting to Challenges

In April 2020, The Drama Class faced an unexpected challenge with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we made the difficult decision to close our beloved studio. However, this setback didn't deter us. We swiftly adapted to the new reality by transitioning our programs to an online format, ensuring that our students could continue to receive quality training, support, and community from the safety of their homes.


Our Global Reach

What started as a local endeavor has evolved to transcend borders. Today, we proudly serve a diverse community of students not only across North America but also in countries as far-reaching as Australia, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Dubai. 


Meet Our Leadership

The Drama Class is now under the dedicated ownership and creative direction of esteemed actor and instructor, Catherine (Cat) Lough Haggquist. With a wealth of experience and a passion for nurturing emerging talent, Cat ensures that The Drama Class remains a beacon of creativity and professionalism in the world of acting education.



Who We ARE


We ARE a space to explore new ways to develop skills that relate to the 4 pillars of a career as an entertainment industry freelancer: Creativity, Craft, Commerce, and Communication


We ARE a space where you can be introduced to some of the worlds best instructors as they share the content they are most passionate about in an effort to support emerging storytelling artists from wherever they may be located


We ARE a space to supplement your in-person classes with additional skills and craft techniques


We ARE a space for you to discover the missing pieces that may be hindering your career progress and preventing you from reaching your desired goals.


We ARE a space to expand your network of caring industry professionals who are eager to assist you with your creative exploration and/or welcome you to the professional ranks


We ARE a community that recognizes the world needs more storytellers and we thank you for your energy and creativity in that effort


Who We Are NOT

We are NOT a replacement for your in-person studio community.


We are NOT a place that offers a silver bullet or short cut to success.


We are NOT a place that exclusively endorses a singular path, technique, or modality as the sole way forward.


We are NOT a place solely focused on those who book work. All members of our community have and add value.


START SOME DRAMA with us at The Drama Class

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