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The Drama Class Presents: What Do Actors Need to Update Regularly?

Auditions are ramping up for 2022, are you ready?

Just like other things in our lives, we need to reset after the Christmas holiday and make sure we are ready for the auditioning grind. We know how to prepare for auditions when they come in, but are we really ready?

Below are 3 things that most actors completely forget about updating before their next self-tape. These tasks may be on the back of our minds, but they are important tools in our acting business arsenal that need "sharpening" every few months!


Task #1: Make sure your resume is up to date

This seems like an obvious one, but actors can often forget to update their resumes! Yes, you add the new bookings onto your resume; what about the other stuff? Make sure your hair colour, training and special skills are current and useful to your career. If you're an established actor and you still have your elementary school play as a credit, you probably don't need that on your resume anymore! Paint a clear picture of who you are and your skillset for casting.

Task #2: Are your headshots current?

This goes for both adults and kids, we all change over time faster than we think! Take a look at your headshots either in November or in January/February and make sure you still look like your headshot. If you get submitted for an audition with an old headshot where your hair is blonde, and then send a self-tape with your current black hair, casting will be confused... "That actor doesn't fit the character description!" Take a look at your headshots once a year and remember the importance of matching your headshots!

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Task #3: Update your online profiles

I'm not just talking about your social media profiles (but totally update those too) I'm talking about the professional online profiles we create to receive our auditions! Since you've updated your headshots and resume, make sure they're current on your Actors Access, Casting Workbook and IMDb. Remember, these are the places casting and producers will look to see you and your experience. On these platforms you can also add new demo reels and any publicity!


These tasks don't take as long as you might think. All 3 tasks may take a half day at most. Compare that timeframe to updating your materials after YEARS of ignoring them and you'll be proud of yourself for staying on top of your acting to-do list. So will your agents and casting!

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