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The Drama Class Presents: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Read "Writing a TV Movie" by Roslyn Muir!

Coming from someone who gets anxiety about writing in general, I highly recommend this book by award-winning screenwriter Roslyn Muir!

I've never thought of the possibility that I could write a screenplay let alone sell one, but this book thoroughly explains how to do BOTH! Roslyn Muir talks about what makes TV movies so important for our industry and what makes them so unique to other Film/TV shows. Networks like Hallmark, Lifetime and Netflix are always on the lookout for new scripts for more TV movies now more than ever, this means there are lots of opportunities for new writers to get their first credits and start their careers. This book answered ALL THE QUESTIONS I had from formatting to the logistics of pitching and selling your script. Here are my top three reasons why you need to check out this book!

#1: It's not just for writers...

I come from an acting background, so I've spoken other people's words and brought them to life for years. I understand how to break down a script, but after reading this book, I'm ready to attack my next Hallmark or Lifetime movie audition! Muir goes over the what's called "The Nine Act Structure", basically the writing format that was created to include commercial breaks. At the end of each act, there as to be an event or situation called "the cliffhanger" in order to keep the audience watching after the commercial. Knowing this, if you're auditioning with a scene that is the end of an act you now know the scene should reflect a major event in the story! There are so many great nuggets of knowledge in this book for BOTH actors and writers!

#2: You're not buying a textbook...

I was shocked at how much useful information was in this book... It's only 91 pages! Muir was able to fully explain the entire process of TV Movie writing so well, I finished reading the book and immediately felt the confidence to start writing my own script! She guides you through the book in a way that you're not overloaded and confused halfway into it. It's to the point and you feel like you're being taught by someone who wants you to succeed.

#3: Check out the back of the book...

So you've finished the book, gone over the examples from different genres of TV movies, and you feel like you understand how it works. After reading the "Questions and Answers" Chapter in the Resources section, THEN you'll understand what it's like! Roslyn Muir was able to include a Q & A section with screenwriters who have impressive careers including Melissa Cassera (Writer of the Obsession Trilogy on Lifetime), and Kelly Peters & Amy Taylor (Writers of A Taste of Christmas on Hallmark) where they talk about the beginning of their careers.

I have read this book at least 3 times, and every time I finish the book I get excited to begin brainstorming TV Movie plots. Even if you're not interested in becoming a screenwriter, this book will spark your creativity and you will enjoy writing stories following the genre formats, Roslyn makes it fun!

To buy a copy of "Writing a TV Movie: An Insider's Guide to Launching a Screenwriting Career" by Roslyn Muir, check out the Biz Books Store!

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