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The Drama Class Presents: Do Child Actors Need Social Media?

Picture this: two actors are up for the same role, and casting is having a hard time deciding… Both actors are talented and suit the role, they have lots of credits on their resume, how can they choose? It’s at this point casting will look at their social media followers.

It seems crazy, but having a following on Instagram, Twitter or Youtube can sometimes help you book a job!

So where do you start if you have a child actor? Here are some important tips for parents.

Tip #1 - Parent supervision is a MUST

If your child is under 17, it’s important for their mental health and safety that a parent oversees their professional social media accounts. Parents should be the ones who approve direct messages, comments on their feeds, and who their child follows back to protect them from predators, bullies, and other scary online entities.

Tip #2 - Know what you can post

There are tons of things you can post on your child’s social media feed! It’s a great opportunity to showcase all the wonderful things that makes your kid who they are. Yes, they’re actors, but maybe they also love dance, drawing, or skateboarding: all great content! If a casting director or producer is checking your child’s Instagram they want to see kids who are well-rounded and full of personality and interests... Since your child is submitting an audition, casting already know they’re actors!

Tip #3 - The rule of thumb with on set pictures...

If you asked this question a decade ago, the answer would be NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. However, with BTS pictures on social media being great for film and TV promotion, networks are more open to actors posting on set pictures on their social media feeds. NOT ALL PRODUCTIONS FEEL THE SAME WAY… Before you post on your child’s Instagram, it’s always a good idea to ask the producers or production manager. They’ll either ask you to post with specific instructions like “no pictures in costume” OR they’ll say no posting until after airing. Better to ask before you post.

Tip #4 - Be careful with audition tapes...

I see actors post their self-tapes a lot, so I asked a few casting directors how they feel about actors posting audition tapes on social media. To put it simply, they are against it. TV shows are very careful when sending audition sides to actors because they don’t want spoilers being released online. If an actor posts their audition for a popular show online, they are spoiling their plot line. Some casting directors have even had to recast actors after they posted self-tapes!

You can post pictures of your child in the self-taping space without naming the show you’re auditioning for. Bloopers are also a great way to show your child’s silly side.

Tip #5 - Once a day is great!

You don’t want to flood your followers’ feed with too many posts, it can become annoying! Once a day is a good number of times to post new content or repost others. If your child is in an upcoming episode or movie, you can up the number of posts or stories to promote the project.

A great Instagram account to follow for awesome content ideas is The Drama Class Workshop Presenter AND Social Media Expert Rebecca Coleman! You can view her profile below:

The biggest tip I’ll end with is this: HAVE FUN!

Social media is considered a business tool, but don’t look at it like its work. Enjoy creating content with your kids AND help their careers at the same time!

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