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The Drama Class Presents: 5 Screenwriting Programs We Recommend

There are so many options for screenwriting software, we wanted to narrow down the list for you...

Whether you're wanting to begin your journey as a professional screenwriter for film and TV or you want to try it out as a hobby, you definitely DON'T want to use Microsoft Word! There are many different types of programs to try, but how do you know what fits your needs best?

Award-winning screenwriter Kat Montagu has kindly put together a list of screenwriting software that she recommends. The list below is arranged from most expensive to free!

For over 25 years Final Draft has been the industry standard and market leader in screenwriting software. Used by 95% of film and television productions, Final Draft is the first choice for both professional and aspiring screenwriters, producers, directors, and industry executives.

BECAUSE it's so common, you don't have to convert your screenplays when submitting them to different productions. It's user-friendly and formats really well.

Movie Magic Screenwriter is also a really good choice. User-friendly, industry standard for Canadians, and easy to covert projects from other programs. Final Draft is used more frequently, but you can do the same work with Movie Magic Screenwriter.

If you're still treating screenwriting as a hobby, Highland is a great program to start with. It's a free program with LOTS of tutorials and FAQs. Not industry standard, but a similar interface so you can switch to Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter with no problems.

Like Highland, Trelby is a great beginner screenwriting program. There aren't as many video tutorials, but they have an easy user-interface and a manual that is available on their website.

Drama Queen is a little different than the other free programs, and it's probably the most popular free software. It looks and works a lot like Final Draft, so when you transition from hobby-writer to professional you're not going to struggle with learning a new software. Drama Queen is also REALLY compatible with Mac products...

My hot tip for you writers out there.... Try the free ones FIRST. Make sure you enjoy screenwriting before you spend hundreds of dollars on a program. Practice your skills, you've got all the time in the word to finesse your craft!

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