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5 One-Act Plays for Drama Teachers

Stephen Gregg's one-act plays are hilarious for all ages! Perfect for Drama Teachers everywhere.

It's always hard finding material for theatre classes for kids/teens. You want the scenes to be a decent length, with equal parts for everyone AND they have to be's a tall order.

Stephen Gregg is the recipient of a Jerome Fellowship from the Playwright's Center of Minneapolis; Actors Theatre of Louisville's Heideman Award for best 10-minute play; the International Thespian Society's Founders' Award for service to youth and theatre; and a residency from the William Inge Center for the Arts.

Gregg's plays are excellent tools for drama teachers AND they're hilarious every time!

This is a Test

#1 - This is a Test

You stayed up all night struggling to prepare for a very important test with no review sheets. On testing day the nightmare begins: you don't know any answers and the teacher is crazy. Especially recommended for school and contest use.

Cast: 13 to 15 actors, female or male.

Why Do We Laugh?

#2: Why Do We Laugh?

Eight actors play two characters at age 6, 16, 45 and 67 to show the audience how people can change each other throughout their lives. Especially recommended for school and contest use.

Cast: 4 females, 4 males


The Zero Sum Mind

#3: The Zero Sum Mind

A man speaks to no one in particular. Another man chases his enemy with a copy of Alice in Wonderland. A woman washes her son with a brush and polishing wax. What's going on here? Finding out what's happening is the point of this 10-minute play about a world like ours, but with one very important difference.

Cast: 7 women or men (flexible casting).

Small Actors

#4: Small Actors

An unfortunate budding actress shoots for the stars in auditioning for Juliet in the famous Shakespearean tragedy, but is ultimately gets the part of servant number two. Small Actors teaches audiences the value of honesty as the actress's mistake comes back to haunt her.Especially recommended for school and contest use.

Cast: 4 female, 4 male, 2 either gender, doubling and extras possible

Sex Lives of Superheroes

#5: Sex Lives of Superheroes - not child friendly!

A young man is struggling with the break up from the "love of his life." When his life becomes too stressful, he dives into his dream world where he lectures audiences at Carnegie Hall on the sex lives of superheroes.

Cast: 2 women, 1 man (alternate casting, 3 actors either gender)

There's plenty more where that came from

I'm only listing Stephen Gregg One-Act plays. If you want to see EVERYTHING, check out for more books on acting, writing, directing, and plays!

For more tips and tricks, check out !





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