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How Do You Get Actor Headshots?

It's the first thing actors need to get when they start their careers...

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You have decided to start your journey as a professional actor for film, TV, and/or theatre... Congratulations! Now you NEED a headshot. Headshots are every actor's "business card" they share with casting and productions.

The biggest thing to remember when getting headshots for your acting career: you are not selling "you", you want to sell all the characters you can believably portray. Which leads to my first tip...

Tip #1 - Have more than one look/headshot

As actors, we need to be able to play many different kinds of people. We audition for many networks like Netflix, Hallmark and Lifetime, and they all have contrasting tones to each other. You'll want to have at least 3-4 different headshots that you or your agent can submit for auditions. If Hallmark is looking for actors that can play the "bubbly assistant" character, you'll have a WAY better shot if you submit the bright, smiling headshot than you would if you sent casting a headshot with you in all black and a serious gaze...

Tip #2 - Pick the right photographer

photographer at a computer

This is the biggest mistake newer actors make in the beginning! Headshots can be very expensive, but it's an important expense to pay for. Your headshot is the FIRST thing casting will see of you, so if your headshot is lower quality it can affect you getting the audition.

Your uncle might be a photographer and he'll cut you a deal, but don't cheap out on this! Headshot photographers know exactly how to create different characters and tones for actors, you're really paying for their expertise in headshot photography, not just the headshots themselves.

Here's a list below of some fabulous headshot photographers local to Vancouver, BC:

To name a few!

It seems like a lot of money...

Depending on where you go, headshot sessions can be near $500-$600. Think of it this way: if you book ONE acting job, your headshots will be completely paid off! You want to get that job? You'll need industry standard, high quality headshots to help get you closer to booking!

For more tips and tricks, check out !





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