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5 Tips to Get Over Stage Fright

The big secret about stage fright is... It never goes away, and that's okay!

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These tips are great to try whether you have an audition, a play rehearsal, or a first day on set coming up!

Tip #1 - Be prepared!

Memorizing your lines as quickly as possible gives you the freedom to play on set/stage. If you’re memorized perfectly, you don’t need to worry about them.

Tip #2 - BREATHE and be present

Seems obvious, but when you're scared breathing is the first thing your body forgets to do.

Being present doesn't mean emptying your mind, that's impossible. Start by noticing your surroundings: listen, look, smell, feel, get in touch with your body.

"Breathing exercises are easy to learn. You can do them whenever you want, and you don't need any special tools or equipment to do them.." – HealthLink BC

Tip #3 - Repurpose the nervous energy

The feeling of nervousness is a similar feeling to other emotions, and as actors we NEED to access emotions! Maybe these nervous feelings are like excitement, or anger, or whatever your character would be feeling. Try to weave it into the energy of the character rather than YOUR energy.

Tip #4 - Use your humans!

Mimes on a stage

Focus on listening to the other actors in the scene, take the focus off of you and become more curious and focused on your scene partners.

Tip #5 - Talk it out

Another way of "using your humans"!

Not necessarily rehearsing your scene over and over, but simply talking out the story, relationships and objectives can be another way to be present with the work process rather than product.

Even if you call a friend from your trailer, you’ll feel a lot better!  

Remember, stage fright is 100% NORMAL

It’s something that we manage and have to work with. Don’t get scared about being nervous -- EMBRACE IT!

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