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The Drama Class Presents: 5 Props You Can Use in any Casting Room

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Remember, a Casting Office is still an office...

When you're auditioning in a casting room, your "stage" is an open space, and sometimes a chair. Props are a great way to elevate your performance by making a scene more believable. You want casting to picture you in the movie or TV show you're auditioning for!

But remember, you're in a professional office space. There are limits to what props are appropriate to bring to a casting room...

Here are the 5 BEST props you can use in any casting room - trust me, I've used them all!

#1 - The script (my favourite!)

There a lots of reasons to bring your script into the room, but did you know it's THE BEST prop ever?

You can use it a million different ways: from a book or magazine to wild things like a gun or microphone! It's an easy prop to bring into the room, plus when you get notes on your performance you can jot them down super fast!

Which brings me to another great prop combo...

#2 - Pen and clipboard

These props apply to so many kinds of characters. Think of all the jobs where people use clipboards: teachers, nurses/doctors, therapists, etc. It'll help casting see you as that career person more clearly.

A pen, like the script, can be many different props. What makes a pen extra awesome is the fact that it can fit right in your pocket. You don't want a prop that's too big and clunky to bring into the room.

#3 - Phone

We all have them, so why can't our characters? Whether you're talking on the phone in a scene OR you want to be active in your "moment before", the phone is a great prop. Again, like the pen, you can put it in your pocket when you're done.

BUT MAKE SURE your phone is OFF or on AIRPLANE MODE! Even on vibrate, a text or phone call in the middle of your performance can throw you off!

#4 - Water bottle

Sometimes we get auditions where we are eating or drinking something in the scene. To help paint the picture, you can use your water bottle in the scene. Rather than sitting and talking the whole time, use your water bottle to have more movement in the scene.

It goes without saying, but make sure it's a SEALED bottle, but also not too noisy or finicky to open or close. No need for the distraction.

#5 - Bag and jacket

Let's say your character is entering/exiting the scene - they'll need their jacket and/or purse or bag, right? Depending on the character, you can use what you came into the casting office!

Grabbing your jacket and bag at the top or bottom of the scene can show the character: in a rush, hesitating to go, or even how they feel.

Biggest Audition Prop Tips...

When using props in your audition: less is always more! You want to make sure you aren't using too many props at the same time! Be efficient and clear with your props, not junky.

Another big trap I see with my coaching clients is when they focus on using their props rather than talking to the reader. Your reader is your partner, not the prop!

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