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The Drama Class Presents: 3 Reasons Why You Should Take "The Self-Tape Success" Workshop

Available for All Ages!

#1 - Almost all auditions are self-tapes

The film industry continues to transition more and more into the digital world, self-tapes have become a key element of the casting process. In the Self-Tape Success Workshop presented by Edwin Perez, we will take an in-depth look into the art of self-taping.

#2 - Edwin has a unique perspective

With 20 years of experience acting for Film, TV, Voice and as a camera technician for casting, Edwin will guide you through everything from the initial self-tape submission request to transferring your final edited files to agents & casting directors!

#3 - Self-tapes can be fun - we promise!

After this workshop, you will feel empowered with the knowledge of what makes a successful self-tape and will have the confidence that your next self-tape audition will be maximized by your ability to implement the right taping techniques and even enjoy the process!

How do you sign up?

Our next Self-Tape Success Workshop with Edwin Perez is coming up! Click the link here to save your spot before it's full!


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