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What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Monday, May 29th 7pm - 8:30pm PDT with Lynda & Laine MacNeil Workshop Level: All Levels You’ve thought it too right? “It’s just one line, how hard can it be?” Don’t underestimate the challenges that come with a one-liner audition! The writers give the 3-page scene all sorts of great information on which to build a performance. The one-liner? Not so much. And yet, the audition process expects actors to fill in all those blanks themselves to create real, authentic, living characters with thoughts, feelings, and opinions…all expressed in a line or 2. Instructors Lynda and Laine MacNeil will show you all the tools you can use to nail your next self-tape! Lynda and Laine will explore topics such as: -Breaking down one-liner scripts and filling in the blanks -Finding details other people miss -Clarity on “who you are” in the scene -Identifying the purpose of the scene -And more! Students will walk away from this workshop with a new appreciation for, and a number of strategies to do, the actual amount of preparation that needs to go into a one-liner.

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