Professional & Recreational ONLINE Performing Arts Training 

All of the Drama Class instructors are highly skilled in their profession. Not only are they some of the best in their performing arts fields, they are extremely patient and giving of their time and talents. They care about their students. 

Online Community

Stay connected with The Drama Class online. We have a strong online community. 

Facebook: The Drama Class

Facebook Group: A Place to Chat About The Craft

Instagram: The Drama Class

Twitter: @the_dramaclass

Flexible Curriculum

We have a very flexible curriculum as we offer online. We are always offering a variety of programs including one-day workshops, on-going classes. youth camps and short term programs. 


Our Actors Are Always Working

"The Drama Class is EXCELLENT! I cannot recommend them highly enough. My kids have done the drama and audition classes and now their master class. My two have also taken workshops are have I. Really, really stellar, with a wonderful woman at the helm! (Julianne, one of the teachers is AMAZING, too!)

-  Cara, Infinity Talent

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