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At The Drama Class we provide top notch performing arts training in an online setting. Our instructors and workshop presenters are some of the entertainment industry’s busiest and most well respected professionals, all of whom are passionate about passing on their knowledge and helping to grow the community of storytelling artists that the world needs now, more than ever.


We invite you to explore the variety of workshops and classes that we offer, all of which are designed to move you forward at any and every stage of your artistic journey… from first exploration, to developing a solid creative and career foundation, to getting an agent and turning pro.


Come START SOME DRAMA with us!


Yours creatively,

Cat & your friends at The Drama Class

smaller Intro to VO June workshops
Physicality & Props (7)
Confidence with Your Lines - An Introduction to Streamlining seminar image

Where to see TDC Actors At Work:

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