Online Youth Programs

Creative youth need an outlet. TDC is known for our diversity in programs for creative souls. We offer recreational and professional programs in a variety of classes and one day workshops for students as young as 5 to 16 years.


We are all professionals working in our local film industry, so we also offer guidance in the business side of acting such as finding a talent agent, headshots, resumes and more.


"I really loved the lesson it was so fun and interesting. This was the best thing ever. I really loved the lesson so I would be ready to train with you all day. The hour passed really fast, I really enjoyed it."


- Anna, age 10, Cypress, Greece

Fall Cutouts

Welcome to our FALL 2020 SCHEDULE PART 1: THE CLASSES!

We have many great  options  for Kids and Teens this Fall and ALL programs are ONLINE.

We are announcing our Class Schedule on August 18th and will be rolling out our Workshop Schedule in the weeks that follow

You have 2 Options to Register: 


Cancellation or Refunds: 

We require 48 hour notice if you need to cancel or receive a refund for a workshop, class or camp. 

Any questions? Text us at 604-541-6431 or email

Have fun!