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The HMW Workshop for Actors

  • 30 Canadian dollars

What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Monday, February 27th 7pm - 8:30pm (Pacific Standard Time) with Bronwen Smith & Catherine Lough Haggquist Are you making the most of your characters’ visual stories through the strategic use of hair styles, make-up application and costume choices? Many actors don’t consider seriously enough their character’s visual presentation as an important element in the audition process. Film & TV are visual media so actors need to be savvy about how they leverage their appearance through the strategic use of hair, makeup, and costume. Ensure that you are considering your character’s specific visual choices when defining all of the other elements of character creation. Bronwen and Cat will cover: -Headshots are a catalogue of characters - go in with a plan -For an audition, creating the visual presentation of your character can be as important as what your character says -How to be an active and effective collaborator with the costume department in the fitting process -How to maximize your interactions on set with the hair, makeup and costume departments -And more! At the end of this workshop, you will be able to enhance your expression of a character through the strategic use of hair styles, makeup application, and clothing selection.

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