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The Actor's Toolbox: 5 Acting Techniques

  • Starts Feb 4
  • 450 Canadian dollars

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What to Expect

ONLINE CLASS All Levels 12 students max Saturdays, February 4th - March 11th 10am - 12pm (Pacific Standard Time) with Alan Marriott There are many acting techniques and methods that actors swear by – which one should you learn about? Why only pick ONE method…? The Drama Class is proud to present The Actor's Toolbox: 5 Acting Techniques. This class is specifically designed to explore 5 different methods of acting, when and how to use them, both individually or in different combinations! Don't miss this unique opportunity to develop your ability to integrate multiple acting techniques with one of the world's top teacher /performers!! Alan Marriott has been teaching and performing for over thirty years both in Canada and Europe. His professional career spans many disciplines – which gives Alan a great understanding of all the “tools in the toolbox” and how/when they can be used most effectively! During this 6-week course, Alan will be covering: Method Acting aka “The Method”: Removing tension, having focus, using sense memories Mask Acting: The Five Points (Speed, Pitch, Tonal Placement, Gesture & Musicality) Meisner Technique: Listening, repeating, being in the moment Improv: observing and being specific with choices Laban Technique: breaking down movement and physicality At the end of this 6-week course, students will be able to: Recognize and differentiate between different acting techniques Select which technique or combination to use for creation of characters Use the language of different acting approaches to collaborate more effectively with other actors and directors Expand the effectiveness of text analysis by identifying increased elements of character in descriptions and dialogue No matter what level of experience you have as an actor – Alan will demystify these methods, guide opportunities to try them all, and show how to integrate them into your next audition or job!

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