Social Media Training - Level 1

  • 55 Canadian dollars

What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Wednesday, September 29th 7pm-9pm with Rebecca Coleman Join Rebecca Coleman, Social Media Marketing Strategist, in this exciting workshop for actors, athletes and solopreneurs of all ages. Rebecca will show you how to use social media to effectively market your personal brand. Concepts explored include: -Understanding the concepts behind how social media works -Getting an overview of the popular social media networks -Understanding which social media work best for actors -How to create a profile on these social media -Best practices for each social network -Ideas for content -Tricky bits: creating content when you are underage, legal issues and concerns around privacy This is the perfect Workshop for those who want to learn how to get out there/get noticed. It will teach you how you can use your "influence" to help promote projects you are involved in, as well as building and creating your own personal brand so you don't have to rely so heavily on third parties for work!

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