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What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Wednesday, May 1st 7pm - 8:30pm PDT with Laine MacNeil & Bronwen Smith Workshop Level: All Levels What do you do when your sides say that you need to run, fight, kiss, eat, sleep, die? How much can I move? Is it okay to use a prop? Where should I look? Many actors come across as rigid talking heads in their auditions because they don’t include their whole instrument, their body, in the process! Acting is reacting and we can respond to the characters and the events around us with more than just our given dialogue. Increase your storytelling toolkit to include props, blocking, movement, gesture, and opinionated eyelines. Laine & Bronwen will cover: -Blocking & Eyelines - your options & their impact -What the script says to do vs what makes sense -Using props strategically - when are they helpful -Transitioning from one location to another -And more! At the end of this workshop, you will be able to enrich your approach to auditions by fully embodying your character, endowing your props, and moving with intention in the defined environment you’ve created.

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