My Child Books A Commercial What Do I Do

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What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Saturday, November 5th 10am-12pm (Pacific Standard Time) with Asha Gill Your child booked the commercial, now what? What is working on a commercial like for parents and their children? The Drama Class is proud to present an exciting series of workshops specifically crafted for the parents of child actors! With over 23 years of experience in multiple facets of the film/TV production industry including producing, directing, casting, production management/coordination, and talent representation, presenter Asha Gill has interacted with child actors and their parents and has seen what works and what doesn’t. In this workshop, Asha will be covering: -What to expect leading up to the shoot day -Types of commercials and how they’re shot -How commercials pay actors and agents -Tracking product conflicts -What to expect after shooting -and more! You want to be as ready as possible when you get to set, so use this knowledge from Asha to make you and your child look and feel professional and confident! Each workshop covers a different area in a child’s acting career, why not book all of them now and save $45? Purchase the "Parent Series Plan" on the Workshop page!

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