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What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Monday, November 6th 7pm - 8:30pm PDT with Lynda & Laine MacNeil Workshop Level: All Levels When you are recording your self-tape, are you talking to someone in the scene? How do you make the lines your own? Frequent feedback from casting is that actors are talking “at their reader” rather than “with their reader” during their auditions, and that can make the relationship between the characters less authentic. If the dynamic between the characters isn’t believable it can affect your chances of booking. That’s why instructors Lynda and Laine MacNeil will teach actors how to truthfully connect to their reader either by self-tape or in-person auditions! Laine and Lynda will explore subjects such as: -Endowing relationships between characters with a sense of history and authenticity -Making specific choices that enhance and are true to the text -Using every environmental and situational piece of information given by the writer -Ensuring the lines of dialogue are attached to authentic and spontaneously generated opinion and emotion -And more! After taking this workshop students will have enhanced their ability to make specific choices and have their auditions sound more like real people talking with each other.

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