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What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Saturday, June 24th 10am to 12pm PDT with Andrew Francis Workshop Level: All Levels Do you feel anxious or overwhelmed when auditioning? Is it challenging for you to relax, be present and “in the moment” while performing? It is vital for actors to learn relaxation skills for their craft, but we never get the chance to practice those skills! That’s why we are excited to present Exploring Mindfulness for Actors with workshop presenter Andrew Francis! Andrew is not only an actor with over 200 acting credits on IMDb, he is also owner of Vancouver-based Meditation and Soundbath Centre Zenden Meditation. With his expertise, Andrew will guide you through a variety of different strategies and techniques that can be used for the audition room, the callback and on set! You will explore: -Debunking myths about what meditation is/isn’t -Applying breath work and meditation to your self-tapes, zoom callbacks, in-person auditions and on set preparation -Using sensory techniques to calm your nervous system -Building confidence with strategic affirmations and inner self-talk -And more! At the end of this workshop, students will approach their auditions with the strategies to help manage the nervous tension in their bodies and perform from a place of relaxation. A relaxed “energy” (mentally and physically) is the blank canvas for the art of acting!

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