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SOLD OUT!! ONLINE WORKSHOP Saturday, April 15th 12pm to 4pm PDT with Brendan Taylor Workshop Level: All Levels Are you struggling with your commercial auditions? Not sure what the casting director is looking for? The auditioning process for commercials has always been completely different than film, television, and voice auditions. Now that self-taping is the new norm, how do you know you are doing it right? To help actors maximize their opportunities, TDC is very excited to be presenting Crack the Code to Commercial Auditions with actor and workshop presenter Brendan Taylor! Brendan has been consistently working in Film, TV, Commercials, and Theatre for the last 16 years. Along with his extensive commercial experience, Brendan has recurring roles on The Magicians, Supernatural, and the upcoming season of Firefly Lane. Through group instruction and individual coaching from Brendan, students will explore: - Emphasizing the importance of the slate while developing strategies that make them memorable - Categorizing and identifying the main types of commercial breakdowns and scripts - Adjusting performance to connect with both casting and the client - Utilizing improv and more of your unique personality in your self-tapes - And more! After taking this workshop, students will have a better understanding of the commercial casting process. With this insight, students will have more tools for preparing and submitting stronger and more strategic self-tapes in the future.

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