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Costuming Basics for Actors - Teen/Adult

  • 55 Canadian dollars

What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Saturday, February 11th 12pm - 2pm (Pacific Standard Time) with Shanna Mair Workshop Level: All Levels This is an exciting opportunity for actors to learn all about costuming for film and television from an expert! Costume Designer Shanna Mair will give students the tools they need to help understand the characters they will play. Understanding why costumes are important is a big part of creating memorable characters. This workshop explores subjects such as: -Purpose of Costumes -Audition Clothing Tips and Tricks -The Creative Process for Costuming -Costume Legwork and How the Costume Department Preps for a Fitting -Knowing your Sizes and Measuring Yourself -Fitting Etiquette -Costuming Etiquette for Set -What to Bring/Wear to a Fitting and/or Set -Wrapping Out Your Costume -The Process of Costume Approval Not only will actors feel more confident knowing the costuming process on set, but these tools will help actors build a closet for auditioning. This is a rare workshop to learn how the costume department works with actors to create amazing characters!

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