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What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Monday, May 15th 7pm - 8:30pm PDT with Bronwen Smith & John Prowse Workshop Level: All Levels As an actor how much do you know about lighting? Angles? Lenses? Framing? Camera moves? And are you making the most of them? Many actors feel intimidated by the technical terminology swirling around them on set. They don’t always feel empowered to seek the clarifications that could enhance their performance. Don’t be the actor who finds themselves with reduced footage because they didn’t consistently find their light, hit their mark & stay in focus, or calibrate their performance to the frame. Bronwen and John will cover subjects such as: -Who’s who in the Lighting and Camera departments and how do we as actors interact with them? -Demystifying the specific terminology the Director, Lighting and Camera departments use in relation to Actors -Finding AND sharing your light -Explore how camera movement and lens choice can inform your performance -And more! At the end of this workshop you will be able to fine tune your on camera performances by being a more effective collaborator with the director, lighting and camera departments.

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