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What to Expect

ONLINE WORKSHOP Monday, October 30th 7pm - 8:30pm PDT with Catherine Lough Haggquist & Bronwen Smith Workshop Level: All Levels Sending in auditions and not landing the role? Have you thought about what you might be missing in the script? Most actors focus on their lines as the main information needed for a successful audition and yet, the real meat of a scene might actually be found elsewhere. Do you know where to look? Are you using all the information you are being given? Are you creating clarity and making choices when that information has NOT been provided? Learn how to level up your auditions by maximizing ALL of the information on offer. Cat and Bronwen will explore: -Breaking free from the breakdown -What ISN’T stated that still requires a decision -Knowing the “role of the role” -Challenging assumptions -And more! At the end of this workshop you will be able to approach your auditions with more clarity and confidence from making supported choices based on discovering the clues in the text that you might have previously missed.

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