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What to Expect

ONLINE SEMINAR Sunday, October 1st 10am - 12pm PDT* with Alan Marriott Pre-requisites: None but some acting experience will prove helpful for context *Time may be adjusted based on enrollment* Are you feeling self-conscious while performing? Looking for more character trait choices in your script and feeling stuck? Tackling an extreme character and don't know how to keep the performance grounded? The Introduction to Mask Work seminar will explore a more external process of acting that can help create unique characters no matter how extreme or subtle. Actor, author, director, and internationally renowned coach & instructor Alan Marriott will introduce how you mask is constantly used in film/television today and how you can apply it to your own audition/performance process. Alan Marriott has been voice coaching and performing for over thirty years in Canada, the UK & Europe. His career spans many disciplines specifically, voice & communication coaching, voice-over, improvisation, creativity training, and performance coaching for stage, film & television. He is the author of ‘Genius Now!’which explores creative thinking and improv. Watch for is new podcast "The Angry Old Improvisor" coming this Fall. Concepts introduced in this seminar include: - Building characters that are full and flexible in a real-world setting - Exploring a character through mask in a safe way - How mask can create many more layers and options when creating a character that are specific and true to the story - And much more! You NEED to attend this seminar if you are: - Feeling locked in your preparation - Performing while feeling self-conscious - Wanting to feel a sense of ease and play while on stage or auditioning After taking this seminar, you will have a better awareness of your own body and how to manipulate movement to create grounded and realistic characters. You will be able to see the importance of getting over perfectionism and how mask work can release you from it.

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