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What to Expect

ONLINE SEMINAR Sunday, October 15th 10am - 12pm PDT* with Alan Marriott Pre-requisites: None but some acting experience will prove helpful for context *Time may be adjusted based on enrollment* Find it difficult to apply directions given in audition rooms/ on set? Do you over-intellectualize your characters? Curious about physicality work but don't know where to start exploring? The Laban Technique is used to get inside different characters' energies and processes with a physical approach, so that the actor can truthfully feel, from the inside. Actor, author, director, and internationally renowned coach & instructor Alan Marriott will introduce how to utilize specific physical movement choices and energies to connect internally with the different characters you play. Alan Marriott has been voice coaching and performing for over thirty years in Canada, the UK & Europe. His career spans many disciplines specifically, voice & communication coaching, voice-over, improvisation, creativity training, and performance coaching for stage, film & television. He is the author of ‘Genius Now!’which explores creative thinking and improv. Watch for is new podcast "The Angry Old Improvisor" coming this Fall. Concepts introduced in this seminar include: - Performing from a more physical and emotional place rather than a conceptual one - When and how to apply Laban Technique to your character work when you're stuck - Using Laban Technique as a way to connect with your scene partners and to bring energy to the scene - And much more! You NEED to attend this seminar if you are: - Feeling a disconnect between your body and your performance - Wanting to add a more physical approach to your intellectual process - Feeling self-conscious of your movement while auditioning or on set After taking this seminar, you will have a better awareness of how you can find a new freedom in your performance. The Laban Technique can unlock more options in your character creation that are easy to apply in the moment. Explore the ways you can physically interpret scripts for auditions or jobs in a way that enhances your performances that often gets missed by other actors.

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