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The Drama Class Presents: What to Wear for a Self-Tape

What you wear in your audition tape can either help or hinder your chances at booking. How do you know what to wear?

There are many ways to elevate your next self-tape, and costume selection is an EXCELLENT way to do that! Choosing the right clothes for your character is important because it helps casting to really see you as part of the show you're auditioning for. Think of it as a way of making their decision to hire you easier by already looking the part. If you wear something that isn't on the mark, it can actually distract from your performance.

So how do you figure out what your character should wear? Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself when you get your next audition...

Question #1 - What show/network am I auditioning for?

You should know the answer to this question not only for your acting performance, but for what you should look like as well. We are visual artists, so we need to look like part of their world as well as match the tone of the show.

Example 1: If you're auditioning for a role on a Hallmark Channel MOW, google-image search Hallmark movies and look at the costumes! I can guarantee the actors are wearing bright, seasonal colours that are on the conservative side. Their clothes are pristine, almost like they're wearing church clothes.

Example 2: Now you have an audition for a thug on a gritty cop-drama series. Darker colours, with a dark leather or denim jacket would suggest the character you're going for. Don't go too far and cover yourself with dirt or anything, you want to still look like your headshot so casting can recognize you!

Question #2 - What colour is my background?

Because there are so many people auditioning for the same role, you want to make sure you stand out on tape within seconds of watching it. It makes sense that your background should be a different colour or shade than what you're wearing! If you're using a plain wall in your home, be careful of pale colours that are similar. Same with a blue background, you probably shouldn't wear blue! We want our focus to be on you and your performance, so make sure you are visually the focus too!

Question #3 - Would my character wear this?

What we wear can effect how we move our bodies, and as actors this is great way to get into character! Try on different pieces of clothing and accessories before you tape, maybe wearing a pair of combat boots makes you feel more confident and tough like your character you should wear them! If you're playing a strong business person, wear a suit jacket that is tailored to you. It's like playing dress-up!

Don’t forget...

Just like with everything else, don't stress yourself out! Some auditions you get you'll know EXACTLY what you should wear, and others you have no idea! Ask another person for their opinion when you're really stuck, like your acting coach or agent. Remember: your costume enhances your performance, it's not "the end-all-be-all" of the audition!

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