Top 4 Things Every Actor Should be Doing

Updated: May 12

Acting Isn't Easy. It's a craft and a tough one at that. But oh so rewarding. As they say, "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it". As in anything you do in life, in order for an actor to succeed, they must work at their craft every day.

Here are the top 4 things every actor should be doing daily. 

1. Improve Your Acting Skills

Know your craft and study it. Taking one class does not make you an actor. You must ALWAYS study your craft. Not once a month, but daily if possible. The actor's tools are their voice, brain, body, access to their emotions and their imagination. Get yourself in as many classes as you can afford. There's always a way to study. Study improv, take voice lessons, dance lessons, movement classes, dialect classes, scene study classes. Perform on stage, in web series, in student films, produce your own! Just get out there! 

2. Market Yourself As An Actor

It's free, it's easy to use and everyone is on it. That's right, it's called SOCIAL MEDIA. And you need to be on it.... everywhere. Create a YouTube page, a Facebook Actor Page, be on Twitter and Instagram and more. Don't know how? Figure it out! Again, it's free people! 

3. Learn How to Audition for Film/TV Roles

Auditioning for casting directors is very different than auditioning for a theatre production. Casting directors work on a variety of shows, and each show has a 'tone'. It's the actors job to know the tone of the show they are auditioning for and to get as much information about the role, the show, the director and the casting director as possible. The better prepared you are for the audition, the more confident you will be. 

4. Be the Actor Every Show Wants

When you book a gig, it's important to: 

- always on time

- know your lines

- be reliable and consistent

- be an actor who's easy to work with

Be that team player who leaves a great impression.

Remember manner go a long way. 

Now get out there and live your dream! 

Hugs, Michele


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