Age, Smage!

Updated: May 12

Today's blog post is about AGE. 

I get asked almost daily the same question,"Am I too old to act?."

And I say, AGE, SMAGE. Or no, you're not.

There no age limit to act. 

There is always a need for a talented actor, regardless of your age. In fact commercials are constantly looking for mature actors. They can never find enough grandparents, especially grandparents from different cultures. 

The next question I get asked is, "how do I start"? 

Well Improv class is first step. Attend an improv class to see how you are on your feet. The majority of commercials are improv based, meaning there is no script, just situations. 

For example, you're at a commercial audition and the casting director asks you to sit down. Then they will ask you a question like, "Tell me about your best holiday'. Then you would tell them a entertaining 30 sec. story that's interesting, funny and memorable. Or you would stare blankly at them and say nothing. 

This is why improv class is essential. Improv is all about story telling without scripts.Using your imagination, you can anywhere, anyone at any time. 

We offer $20 drop in Improv classes once a month at The Drama Class. If you're thinking about this 'acting thing', check out an improv class first. I can almost guarantee you'll be back for more as it's tons of fun and where else can you 'play' with complete strangers and have the time of your life? After a few improv classes you'll be used to thinking on your feet and your confidence will start to soar.

Then you'll be calling me asking how you get a commercial agent. And I will be there looking forward to the call. 

Hugs, Michele.