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The Drama Class Presents: Biggest Costume Mistakes Actors Make...

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Here are some hot tips coming straight from a professional... Film and Television Costume Designer Shanna Mair wants actors to know how to avoid these major costume mistakes!

There are many different departments working together on a production. One of the first interactions actors have when they book a role is with the costume department. Actors work closely with the costume designers throughout the whole shoot, from fittings pre-production to on set adjustments throughout shooting. Like most departments in the film industry, costumers work INSANELY hard to make sure the costumes not only look good for the show, but they're as comfortable for the actors as possible; they want to enhance your performance!

Since the costume department works hard for us, here are some easy things you can do to make their lives a little easier...


Tip #1: Hang up your clothes

No, your mother is not writing to you in this blog post... this comes from the costume department!

A super helpful thing you can do during your costume fitting (when actors try on clothes BEFORE shooting) is to hang up your clothes on the hangers provided! It'll only take you a few seconds between costume changes, and it's way more considerate than leaving your costumes in a massive pile on the floor at the end of the fitting (you would be shocked at how often this happens to Shanna).

Tip #2: Be careful during your lunch break...

Actors wear their costumes the entire shoot day, that includes lunch...

When you're wearing your costume, you have to be SUPER careful when you go anywhere near food and drink! Don't be the person who gets a ketchup stain on their costume! That can waste a lot of time whether they're grabbing another shirt OR trying to remove the stain as quickly as possible. If you know you're a messy eater, ask costumes for a smock to wear over your costume, I'll guarantee you they have plenty of smocks in the costume truck!

Tip #3: Be honest with your measurements...

Don't let your ego get in the way! It's a huge help for the costume department when actors get current, accurate measurements OR they provide clothings sizes from different popular brands. If all the clothes fit comfortably in your first costume fitting, you've saved the costume designer a ton of time shopping for different sizes (seriously the amount of shopping this department does is mind-boggling). Also, you'll be on set for maybe 12 hours, so make sure your comfortable!

Learn more about the Costume Department and take Shanna Mair's Costuming Basics for Actors Workshop on October 22nd! Open to Teens and Adults!

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