5 Benefits of Online Acting Classes

In this time of a pandemic,ONLINE LEARNING is now the "NEW NORMAL" for anyone going to school.

The reality is this pandemic may last until the end of the year (let's hope not) and then it will be awhile before people feel comfortable in a group setting again. 

For ACTORS, continued learning is essential!

Actors need to keep their skills in check and also need a creative outlet! 

So at the moment,ONLINE ACTING CLASSES are a MUST.

Here are the top 5 Benefits of Online Acting Classes: 

1. Making a Connection: Keep that connection with your fellow actors. You are not alone. This is your tribe. You need to check in and keep the creativity flowing. 2. Learning From Others:  As we all know, being in an acting class benefits you in so many ways, but one of the best opportunities is learning from other actors. With an online class, you have a chance to meet different actors from all over the world. You may not be in the same room, but you can learn a lot by watching them work online and hearing the feedback from the instructor.  3. Keep Those Skills in Check We are all in a 'temporary hold' right now. This will not last forever. So it's important for actors to keep their skills in check and not become complacent. Online auditions and self tape requests are still happening. It's your job to keep your "instrument" in great working order.  4. Stay On Task When you are alone, it can be challenging to keep yourself motivated and inspired. When you are enrolled in an acting class, you have homework and work with fellow actors. You are responsible to complete your assignments and be prepared for every class. Routine is important and being in a weekly class helps you stay on task.  5. Inspiration Actors are inspired by the world around them. So being in an acting class will continue to inspire you, challenge you and motivate you to expand your skill set. Actors are creative beings and need to always be creating.