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The Drama Class Online Learning Protocols:



  • Be online and on time for all Zoom classes

  • Submit all homework on time if required

  • Check email daily



  • Only turn my microphone on when asked to speak or when responding to questions.

  • Keep my online chat focused on the learning. Ensure chat is respectful of all participants.

  • Keep my mobile phone off and away from me whilst learning online.

  • There is to be no filming, recording or sharing content. You must not take screenshots or record instructors or students presenting information to you.

  • You are to inform all members of your household that you will be joining a video conference and that they can be seen (if your camera is on) and heard (if your mic is on).



  • Complete all online and offline learning tasks

  • If you have technical email your instructor and find out what was missed

  • Single task focus during online lessons. Don’t be chatting, gaming or checking social media while trying to do your acting lessons.



  • Contribute to online discussions

  • Offer support and assistance to my peers.

  • Remember to be patient with my family/carers; they may be feeling anxious too.

  • Be patient with instructors as online teaching is new to them as well.

  • Be patient but also alert the teacher to ways things may be improved.