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Originally from Australia, Belinda first found her passion for acting at 15 when she landed the role of “Athena” in “Young Hercules”, her high school’s annual theatre production that year.

She then went on to train at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, one of Australia’s most prestigious acting schools, before shifting career gears and moving to Vancouver, BC in 2014. Belinda has spent the past 10 years working in the film industry in various capacities including: as an actor, a casting assisting, a talent agents’ assistant. In addition she has spent an impressive 9 years working specifically with kids, teens and their parents to help them break into and navigate the film & television industry.


With a passion to share her wealth of extensive knowledge and varied experience through a supportive, detailed and results-proven curriculum, Belinda is thrilled to be joining the team at The Drama Class.


Belinda can currently be seen, lighting up your screen with her bright eyes and smile in the ad campaign for Expedia that premiered during the 2024

Super Bowl.

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