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April has worked as a professional actor for almost 3 decades, with over 120 credits, and has spent countless hours working on Film and TV sets as both an actor and a coach.

April has also had the rare opportunity to work as a casting associate/reader for hundreds of productions for over 15 years with several different casting houses in LA, Vancouver, and Toronto which allowed her a true insider’s view of the casting room and process.

Check out April's IMDb page.


Jamie’s knowledge of the film industry began once he and April met, but he was very quickly thrust into it as the husband of an actress, and even more so, as the father to a child actor, which required countless hours on set. 

Jamie has an MBA, and a Masters in Sports Psychology, which has been very useful in helping both his wife and daughter navigate the mental challenges of the business.

Additionally, Jamie worked as a Production Coordinator for a few MOWs, where he learned about contracts, tax credits and other business aspects of the industry that have proven very useful for both April and their daughter Ava.

Having watched, coached and helped carve the successful career of their now 14 year-old daughter, who has worked with legends such as Ellen Burstyn, Bruce Dern, and Steven Spielberg (twice!), Jamie and April now offer their combined experience and knowledge to other parents who are trying to navigate through this very exciting (yet often frustrating) industry.

April and Jamie's Current Workshops: