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"There is Nothing Like Acting. You'll See It's Life Changing."



"Kayleigh learned so much today" - Joy, White Rock

"Your workshops are always so much fun". - Chloe, Surrey

"Amanda enjoyed her afternoon. It was a very new experience for her."

- Niki, Surrey, BC

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"Great workshops, great prices, great instructors". You rock!"

- Leanne, Surrey

You Can Learn A LOT In One Day! 

One day workshops are a great way to learn a lot in a short time. We suggest our students attend these workshops in addition to their weekly studies at The Drama Class.

These workshops are designed to give an overview of specific specialized training in topics such as:

Commercial Auditioning
Introduction to Voiceover Work in Commercials & Animation
Learning Dialects
Self Defense and Street Safety for Actors

Commercial Auditioning — Ages 9 – 16

with Talent Agent Pamela Wise

$99 + GST

Hosted by well-known Vancouver Talent Agent, PAMELA WISE, this workshop is full of information for young actors who are new to Vancouver’s acting community!



  •  An Insider’s Understanding of Kids/Teens working in Our Local Film Industry
  • Understanding How to Fit Into Trends in Marketing to Kids and Teens
  • Working With Your Nerves And The Psychology Of The Audition
  • Understanding Your Part Of The Creative Process In The Audition
  • Discovering Your True Character Range
  • Mastering Strengths and Pitfalls of Commercial Stereotypes
  • Defining Your Two Unique Core Brands In Advertising
  • Recreating Real Audition Room Experiences On Camera With Slating, The Informal Interview, One Liners And A Script

“My daughter landed her first commercial this month and she said that the Pamela Wise workshop was very useful.” – Nicole, Surrey

NEXT WORKSHOP: Sat. Oct. 14, 1 – 5 pm

Introduction to Voiceover Work in Commercials and Animation — Ages 9 – 16

with Maryke Hendriske

$85 + GST

Learn What It Takes To Do Voice-Over Work In Commercials And Cartoons From A Professional Voiceover Actor And Instructor




  • What it takes to be a voice actor?
  • Voice exercises and learning how to make your voice acting real
  • All about microphones and headsets
  • What happens at the studio?
  • What happens at a cartoon voiceover audition?  Get ready to have fun, by using your own voice in a real audition.
  • Learn how to read from a  TV cartoon script


  • What’s the difference between cartoon voice acting and doing a commercial?
  • Types of commercials Kids read for
  • Try out some commercial scripts
  • How can I make my auditions even better?
  • What’s a “demo” and why do I need one?
  • Info about Voiceover Talents Agents


Parents are invited to attend the last 20 MINUTES as our instructor will go over some important “VOICE-OVER BUSINESS” information.

Voice-over workshops for young performers are very rare so don’t wait to sign up for these ones!

“We learned so much!” – Dominic, Surrey

NEXT WORKSHOP: Sat. Sept. 30, 1 – 5pm

Learning the British Dialects — Ages 9 – 16

with Tony Alcantar

$125 + GST

Covering The One of the Most Requested Dialects For Young Vancouver Actors!

Internationally known dialect coach Tony Alcantar’s workshop will introduce students to one of the the most requested dialects, RP British which includes the Upper-Class/Queen’s English  and the Working Class/Lower-Class British dialects.

Think Harry Potter and Mary Poppins! 

This workshop is just a ‘sampling’ of Tony’s dialect course. To truly learn a dialect, you really should take Tony’s ENTIRE COURSE for a complete understanding.


“Kai LOVED the workshop with Tony! – Tori, Surrey

“Daniella really enjoyed this workshop”. – Teri, Surrey

NEXT WORKSHOP:  Sat. Feb. 17, 2018 — 1 – 5pm

Self Defense and Street Safety for Actors —– Ages 13+

with Louisa Weizman and James Chartier

$125 + GST student

Join Us For An Exciting And Unique Street Safety And Self Defense Workshop 

Learn techniques regularly featured in television shows and films, while being empowered with lifesaving skills you can apply every day!

Your 4-hour workshop (1/2 hr. for lunch) includes 2 award winning, multi-black belt instructors as seen on CTV, CBC, Urban Rush and more.

Featuring Krav Maga and Combat Jujitsu, students develop the mental and physical skills used in action films while also learning the most effective self-defense, prevention and street safety available (for all sizes and physical ability).

See instructor’s bio, videos, pictures and more at

NEXT WORKSHOP: Sunday, October 22, 10am – 2:30pm (1/2 hr. lunch)