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"What a great workshop!" - Byron

"I learned a ton today!"- Deborah

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Tony Alcantar" - Natasha

"What a great day learning so much from the amazing

You Can Learn A Lot In One Day

One day workshops are a great way to learn a lot in a short time. We suggest our students attend these workshops in addition to their weekly studies at The Drama Class.

These workshops are designed to give an overview of specific specialized training in topics such as:

Commercial Auditioning
Introduction to Voiceover Work in Commercials & Animation
Learning Dialects
The ABC’s Of Comedy: Learn To Do Stand Up
The Actor’s ON-SET Survival Kit
Self Defense and Street Safety for Actors


These workshops don’t run all the time.

Check our schedule to see when these workshops are running.

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The Actor’s ON-SET Survival Kit

with Kelly-Ruth Mercier

$75 + GST person

A Must For All Actors

For the new, the not-so-new, and the curious, this workshop is a lively walk-thru of the how-to’s in film & television. Addressing all aspects of production, explaining the roles and responsibilities of key players including ACTORS! (every question you’ve had (but were too afraid to ask!) will be answered.  

Everyone on set is required to take a Set Etiquette course… everyone but the actors.

How Are New Actors To Learn About What’s Expected (And What’s Unwelcome) When On The Job?

Topics covered:

  • the life of a script: from idea through to edit
  • the actor’s access to script — from locked through revisions
  • casting — from production’s point of view
  • movie budgeting — with particular focus on Category 10 [Cast]
  • distribution — where residuals and buy-outs are explained
  • the Five Phases of Production
  • the actor’s responsibility in edit
  • and ‘I’ve got the job, I’m on set… WHAT DO I DO NOW?’

Again, this is a MUST FOR ALL ACTORS!


“Fantastic on-set survival guide workshop with Kelly-Ruth Mercier at The Drama Class! What a wealth of knowledge! – Erin, White Rock


NEXT WORKSHOP: Saturday, November 4, 1 – 5pm

Commercial Auditioning

with Talent Agent Pamela Wise

$99 + GST

Hosted by well-known Vancouver Talent Agent, PAMELA WISE, this workshop is full of information for young actors who are new to Vancouver’s acting community!



  •  An Insider’s Understanding of Kids/Teens working in Our Local Film Industry
  • Understanding How to Fit Into Trends in Marketing to Kids and Teens
  • Working With Your Nerves And The Psychology Of The Audition
  • Understanding Your Part Of The Creative Process In The Audition
  • Discovering Your True Character Range
  • Mastering Strengths and Pitfalls of Commercial Stereotypes
  • Defining Your Two Unique Core Brands In Advertising
  • Recreating Real Audition Room Experiences On Camera With Slating, The Informal Interview, One Liners And A Script.


“Today I was at The Drama Class taking part in Pamela Wise’s Branding and Auditioning workshop. We each had a turn to have people look at us and let us know what parts they saw us playing in commercials. Pamela then gave us her honest opinion and I think for all of us it was a game changer. 
If you are interested in exploring aspects of acting you need to look up The Drama Class and see the latest available classes.” – Deborah, Surrey


Sunday, August 27, 1 – 5pm

Saturday, October 28, 1 – 5pm


Introduction to Voiceover Work in Commercials and Animation

with Elysia Rotaru

Learn What It Takes To Do Voice-Over Work In Commercials And Cartoons From A Professional Voiceover Actor And Instructor

$85+ GST



  • What it takes to be a voice actor?
  • Voice exercises and learning how to make your voice acting real
  • All about microphones and headsets
  • What happens at the studio?
  • What happens at a cartoon voiceover audition?  Get ready to have fun, by using your own voice in a real audition.
  • Learn how to read from a  TV cartoon script


  • What’s the difference between cartoon voice acting and doing a commercial?
  • Types of commercials
  • Try out some commercial scripts
  • How can I make my auditions even better?
  • What’s a “demo” and why do I need one?
  • Info about Voiceover Talents Agents

Intro Voice-over workshops are rare so don’t wait to sign up for this!


“Learned a lot today!”. – Kendra, Surrey

Learning Dialects

with Tony Alcantar

$125 + GST

Covering One of The Most Requested Dialects For Vancouver Actors!

Internationally known dialect coach Tony Alcantar’s workshop will introduce students to one of the the most requested dialects — New York! Tony recently coached Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn for a film shot in “New York” but was filmed in Vancouver.

This workshop is just a ‘sampling’ of Tony’s dialect course. To truly learn a dialect, you really should take Tony’s ENTIRE COURSE for a complete understanding.


“Just finished an amazing dialect workshop at the studio with Tony Alcantar! His no nonsense approach was perfect for getting the actors to take risks and get out of our oh so comfortable, apologetically Canadian-isms. If you are a Canadian Actor looking for work in this American dominated industry, look no further for a dialect coach–he knows his stuff, and doesn’t pull any punches! Thank you Michele for bringing in such an excellent roster of talented instructors!” – Sara, Surrey



Sat. March 31, 2018, 1-5pm

The ABC’s Of Comedy: Learn To Do Stand Up and more! 

With Jacques Lalonde

$160 + GST

In this (2) day workshop, you’ll learn about stand-up, improvisation, comedy writing, and how to deliver laughs in ways you never thought possible! You’ll be the life of any party! Impress your friends and confuse your enemies! Start a reality TV show and run for President!
**For the grand finale, show your stuff in a comedy showcase (last hour of the class) for friends and family which will feature your original standup, songs, scenes, and short plays. 


What Will You Learn?

In week 1 we will focus on improv, storytelling, risk taking, stand up comedy, physicality, voice, comedic songs and Jacques patented 22 Principles of Comedy (The ABCs of HaHaHa). Through a series of exercises and games participants will hone their comic chops and learn the importance of teamwork, listening and how to connect with your audience.

Week 2 will take all these aspects of comedy to the next level and everyone will present their 3 minute comedy stories/stand-up sketches and/or songs to an invited audience.

This workshop will inspire you to laugh more and see the FUNNY in everyday life. You will be the life of the party and develop great stories to use at auditions so you can be the person they remember AND HIRE for the job!!! 



“So grateful you are bringing these top quality programs to our lives!!” – Lisa, Surrey

Self Defense and Street Safety for Actors

with Louisa Weizman and James Chartier

$125 + GST student

Join Us For An Exciting And Unique Street Safety And Self Defense Workshop 

Learn techniques regularly featured in television shows and films, while being empowered with lifesaving skills you can apply every day!

Your 4-hour workshop (1/2 hr. for lunch) includes 2 award winning, multi-black belt instructors as seen on CTV, CBC, Urban Rush and more.

Featuring Krav Maga and Combat Jujitsu, students develop the mental and physical skills used in action films while also learning the most effective self-defense, prevention and street safety available (for all sizes and physical ability).

See instructor’s bio, videos, pictures and more at

NEXT WORKSHOP: Sunday, October 22, 10am – 2:30pm (1/2 hr. lunch)