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"There is Nothing Like Acting. You'll See It's Life Changing."




You Know You’ve Always Wanted To Try Acting,

Now Here’s Your Chance!

$240 + GST = $252

For Ages 17+

This 8-week class will cover the basics of the craft of acting such as improvisation, character work, movement, script analysis, cold reading, auditioning and more.

There is no way you will learn everything you need to know about acting in just 8 weeks, but this class will give you a good understanding of the work and commitment it takes to purse acting.

And you’ll have a blast!

Acting is like nothing you’ve ever done before.

Instructor: Kelly-Ruth Mercier

I really enjoyed the class. Kelly Ruth is great. I am learning a lot.”
– Lyne R., White Rock

“I thoroughly enjoyed them all and Kelly-Ruth is a great teacher! I had a blast and learned a ton.”

Art L, White Rock

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and although it was not what I expected, I believe I got more out of it being what it was. She has given me the courage to step out of my shell and present myself with a more positive attitude and a will to challenge myself. Thank you Kelly Ruth and thank you Michele for this opportunity of getting to know myself better (as well as some very nice and interesting people). Kelly Ruth is one hell of a good teacher who keeps your interests high. Great class.” – Laurel


Winter (January – March)

Spring (April – June)

Fall (September – December)